Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm Thankful for... Christmas!

We just love this time of year. We love turkey, a week break of school, and Christmas lights. It can't get any better. We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, thanks to my wonderful Mother!!! It was fun to just be home in Raft River and spend some time with the fam and eat some great food. We also got to go Christmas tree hunting. We went with Terry and Sarah, Dillon and Tessa and Lucy and Tessa's parents and family. It was a lot of fun. After not seeing any sign of good trees, we were forced to stop since someone got stuck in the middle of the road. So we then decided we needed to hike, and did we HIKE!!! It was tough and a real kick in the butt. I decided I better start working out again because Sarah who is 6 months pregnant, wasn't even breathing as hard as I was. Jordan spotted our tree at what seemed like the top of the mountain and then we drug it down. It was fun and now we have a cute little tree in our living room!!

Jordan Cutting down our tree!


Don't mind my cone head and Jordan's awfully sweaty head. It really was a lot of work!

Decorating our Tree

Well besides Thanksgiving and tree hunting, we pretty much spend our time with school and work. Well Jordan spends his time with school and work and I pretty much just work. Jordan only has 3 more weeks of school until he is completely done! We are very excited about that. He is also working at Ace Hardware still and hopes to find a new job by January. I am pretty much done with school this semester. I still work at my same job but am going to be done in December so that I can Student Teach. I will be teaching at a middle school and am super excited and nervous! After next semester we both will be done with school and who knows where we will be or what we will be doing. It is exciting and we can't wait to see what happens :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Creations



Jordan's Monster

My Witch

Happy Halloween

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Antelope Anyone???

This past weekend Jordan got to go Antelope hunting. It was his first time and he was very excited. He came home on Saturday with a nice buck. So..... what do you do with an antelope... I guess you cut it up and eat it!!! It was so disgusting! As you can see, Jordan cut up the antelope, Cliff (Jordan's dad) cleaned it up a little bit and then I was the wrapper upper. We had some of the steaks on the Monday when we got back from Paul and they were pretty good, except I couldn't stop thinking about where it came from and how it got in our freezer. We got about 11 pounds of hamburger and a bunch of steaks and roast. We plan on making jerky with some of it as soon as we figure out how to do that. Jordan had a blast hunting with his family, I had a blast hanging out with his mom and Tessa and we ended up with a bunch of meat!! Not a bad weekend. Jordan plans on going hunting again in about two weeks.... I do not plan on cutting up an innocent animal again :) (but I will be happy to let someone else cut it up for me!)

Our Antelope Meat

Cutting up the Antelope

Jordan, Dillon, Justin, Cliff, and antelope

Tough Guy

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Who said Pocatello isn't a good place to live???

We have lived in Pocatello for 3 years now and we have really enjoyed ourselves here. There are so many people that think that Pocatello is such a bad place and would never want to live here. Some say it is ugly (and it is is some spots) but there are so many beautiful places just minutes away. Today we wanted to go for a walk. So we drove only 10 min and we were in the mountains. There are so many hikes and mountain area around here. It is so fun to just be able to drive a few min and feel like we are not in a city at all. Too bad we don't have four wheelers to go play with but I guess our feet will do for know.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


We have been married for 3 years now! Its crazy to think about because it doesn't seem like its been that long. For our anniversary we went to a Chukars baseball game. It was a awesome! Although the Chukars arnt the best team in the world it was still a lot of fun. I think the best part was the food!!!! It was bobblehead night so we both came home with free bobbleheads.... (my head already fell off :( ) We had a lot of fun!

We have also started school and have finished one WHOLE WEEK!!! Jordan just has one semester left and then he will have his degree in Business Management. I have a year left and will get my degree in Special Education. Its exciting to almost be done! Jordan got a job at Ace Hardware. He works so hard and I love that about him! Jordan also won an ipod... YAY :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Reunion FUN

This last couple of weeks we had a couple reunions. First we went to Lake Cleveland for an Anderson reunion. We all stayed in a cabin near by while the rest of the family camped. We played in the water and had a lot of fun. Jordan, Dillon, and I decided to go on a hike. We ended up climbing down a cliff over the lake. It was very fun but I am glad to still be alive!! We didn't have our camera so we have no pictures :(

The next weekend we went to Raft River for the Darrington reunion. We played on the waterslide, golfed, and hung out. We all stayed at my moms house while everyone else camped in the wind... so sorry! The last day of the reunion we went to the Oregon Trail crossing that goes through Raft River. I always knew that it was there but I have never seen it before. It was very neat. There is also a graveside of some pioneers. It was a great reunion and a lot of fun... THANKS MOM!

They were both very fun reunions and we think that we have the best families in the world!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Maddness

Boating at Twin Lakes with Jordans friends
Soda Springs

The Fam

Caves at Craters

Hike at Soda Springs
Summer has been the Summer of Adventure! We have gone and done lots of fun things. We started our Summer off in Sublett Idaho where we camped with Jordans family and Terry and Sarah and went fishing and four wheeler riding. It was a lot of fun. We then went to Soda Springs for a family reunion with my family. It was very beautiful up there and it was a lot of fun. We spent a day at Lava, where we floated the river and swam with the little ones. While we were there we shot guns and Terry broke his forehead on the scope... Way to go Terry! We also were given the pleasure to attend Girls Camp... oh what a Joy! We had a family reunion with Jordans family during the fourth of July weekend. We went to Craters of the Moon and just hung out together. It was a Blast. We have two more family reunions to attend and we look forward to the awesomness of them! Rock On!!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Raft River Weekend

When we go down to Raft River Chester gets to sleep in his straw dog house. When we got home from Twin on Sunday night we found him sitting on top of it instead of inside of it. Such a wierd dog!

niece and nephew

We spent this past weekend in Raft River. Casey and Marianne came down and brought their little girl, Kendall, with them. She is such a happy little girl. We played with her all weekend. We thought that was how we were going to spend most of our time while we were down there but we got a nice surprise, Brett and Vanessa had their baby. They named him David John....not Buckaroo Boone like we were really hoping they were going to....and he is a good little guy. We got to go up to Twin to see little Davey and it made us happy to have these two little rascals in our family.