Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm Thankful for... Christmas!

We just love this time of year. We love turkey, a week break of school, and Christmas lights. It can't get any better. We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, thanks to my wonderful Mother!!! It was fun to just be home in Raft River and spend some time with the fam and eat some great food. We also got to go Christmas tree hunting. We went with Terry and Sarah, Dillon and Tessa and Lucy and Tessa's parents and family. It was a lot of fun. After not seeing any sign of good trees, we were forced to stop since someone got stuck in the middle of the road. So we then decided we needed to hike, and did we HIKE!!! It was tough and a real kick in the butt. I decided I better start working out again because Sarah who is 6 months pregnant, wasn't even breathing as hard as I was. Jordan spotted our tree at what seemed like the top of the mountain and then we drug it down. It was fun and now we have a cute little tree in our living room!!

Jordan Cutting down our tree!


Don't mind my cone head and Jordan's awfully sweaty head. It really was a lot of work!

Decorating our Tree

Well besides Thanksgiving and tree hunting, we pretty much spend our time with school and work. Well Jordan spends his time with school and work and I pretty much just work. Jordan only has 3 more weeks of school until he is completely done! We are very excited about that. He is also working at Ace Hardware still and hopes to find a new job by January. I am pretty much done with school this semester. I still work at my same job but am going to be done in December so that I can Student Teach. I will be teaching at a middle school and am super excited and nervous! After next semester we both will be done with school and who knows where we will be or what we will be doing. It is exciting and we can't wait to see what happens :)