Sunday, August 29, 2010


We have been married for 3 years now! Its crazy to think about because it doesn't seem like its been that long. For our anniversary we went to a Chukars baseball game. It was a awesome! Although the Chukars arnt the best team in the world it was still a lot of fun. I think the best part was the food!!!! It was bobblehead night so we both came home with free bobbleheads.... (my head already fell off :( ) We had a lot of fun!

We have also started school and have finished one WHOLE WEEK!!! Jordan just has one semester left and then he will have his degree in Business Management. I have a year left and will get my degree in Special Education. Its exciting to almost be done! Jordan got a job at Ace Hardware. He works so hard and I love that about him! Jordan also won an ipod... YAY :)

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  1. Happy Anniversary, Congrat's on the job, and good luck with your school year! It's exciting to be close to being done!