Monday, February 15, 2010

Raft River Weekend

When we go down to Raft River Chester gets to sleep in his straw dog house. When we got home from Twin on Sunday night we found him sitting on top of it instead of inside of it. Such a wierd dog!

niece and nephew

We spent this past weekend in Raft River. Casey and Marianne came down and brought their little girl, Kendall, with them. She is such a happy little girl. We played with her all weekend. We thought that was how we were going to spend most of our time while we were down there but we got a nice surprise, Brett and Vanessa had their baby. They named him David John....not Buckaroo Boone like we were really hoping they were going to....and he is a good little guy. We got to go up to Twin to see little Davey and it made us happy to have these two little rascals in our family.