Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Since I have not written on here for a few months, here are some of the main things that have happened to us since then:

1. Jordan and I both graduated from ISU. Jordan got his degree in Business Management and I got mine in Human Exceptionalities. Casey also graduated the same day as us, so my dad came to our graduation while my mom went to Casey's.

2.. Jobs: Jordan got a job and works out in American Falls. He enjoys it most days and is very thankful that he was able to get a job so fast out of college. I got a job working at a high school here in Pocatello and I will start teaching at the end of August.
3. June 23rd 2011: This was a very big day. We started out by going and signing papers to buy our house. We love our new house and are so thankful that we found something that we love. After we made the biggest purchase of our lives thus far, Jordan went to the dentist. This was another big event, since he hadn't been to the dentist for a "few" years. After the dentist and a few cavities, it was time to go to our ultrasound to find out the gender of our baby. SURPRISE!!!! We then found out that we are having twin boys. I was 20 weeks pregnant not only with one little guy but two. We were in a lot of shock... Well a lot of shock! We are so excited to meet these two little guys and now feel very blessed to not only have one but two! That weekend we moved into our new house. June 23rd will be a day we will never forget!

Here are a few pictures of my growing belly :)

8 weeks 12 weeks
Our First Twin Outfits We Bought

24 weeks

4.We bought a new car so Jordan could commute a little cheaper. The down side is is that our new double stroller barely fits in the trunk, but it will work.
5. Cody comes home Aug. 19.... YAY
6. I love these two pictures:
A fireman's son and a farmer's daughter

Those are just some of the few big events that have happened to us. And now I better stop trying to blog or else I might go insane trying to make it look right!!! I might need some more practice with this posting thing.


  1. Holy moley, Nicole...what a bunch of awesome life changes!! TWINS?? Congratulations :)

  2. YAY Nicole, you blogged! I'm so proud! :) And I absolutely love the pictures of you and Jordan, especially the one at the top, I don't think anyone can pull of being pregnant with twins better than you do, you look great! Hope everything with being home owners is going well and that Jordan is still liking his job, are you getting excited to start your job? So glad to see some pictures, keep up the blogging, we love hearing updates on you guys!

  3. It's nice to see an update! I like those family pictures too. Just think the next set we get will have your two little ones; It's gonna be AWESOME! Love you both, tell those little dudes to behave. See you soon!